What Happens When Patients Look for Cheap Surgery??

Once again, I find myself writing about other peoples problems, and what happens when you go out looking for cheap surgery. It is unfortunate that the ultimate price to pay is a husband without a wife, or a child without a mother. I am not looking to exploit their sadness, or even their poor choices, but rather pose a few questions, and hopefully give some advice on why this type of behavior must stop.

The first part of this developed because I was looking to solve a problem we were having at our clinic concerning losing patients to other clinics after they had already decided to have surgery at our clinic. I am talking about patients who went through a thorough consultation, had pre-surgical testing done, scheduled surgery, and then cancelled at the last minute. After it happened a third time, we looked to investigate where the problem was, and found a leak coming from the laboratory that was doing the pre-surgical tests. As it turned out this particular laboratory has been doing Cosmetic Surgery Procedures themselves. How is that for a breach of patient ethics? How do you think this would be handled in the USA? Here in Peru we do not have the same rules of ethics to play by, so it happens here on a more regular basis.

As it turns out, there are three different doctors performing procedures at Clinica Cori in Los Olivos. One of them is a Dr Johan Zuvar Zubieta Vargas, who had his medical license suspended for life less than two years ago, due to negligence in performing Liposuction on a patient who is now in a vegetative state.  This happened in his Clinic in Tacna. Yet if you check the Colegio Medico website, it will show him as having an active license in Lima. How is this? How did this turn of events occur? Well, as it is here in this country, as long as you can pay, you can play. That is how it goes.

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 If you look for information regarding this Doctor, you will find many atricles related to his prior problems. I also found written recommendations for patients of Rhinoplasty who posed a question on one of the Peru Forums that had asked "Which Doctor Will do a Rinoplastia for s/850" (which is the equivalent of about $300 ), and the answer was... Dr Johan Zuvar Zubieta Vargas. Amazing, isnt it? Even here in this country, where the typical price for this is five times more, can you find "so called" professionals who will lower the standard of medicine one more notch by charging prices so low, that it makes you wonder what kind of anesthesia is used, or what type of instruments are available to him.

Do you think the results of this type of surgery is satisfactory to his patients??? Need I mention how many patients we see on any given week that are looking to have other surgeons work corrected?

I can not understand for the life of me, why people are willing to put themselves at such a risk, when common sense should be telling them, it is just not possible to get the same treatment for one fifth of the normal price.

I am fairly sure that most people do not understand what is factored into the price of a  medical procedure. It can be staggering to think of all the costs that must be paid for by each patient. Physical location, utilities, equipment, personnel, medicines, materials, professional services, marketing, advertisement, taxes, long term expenses essential to growing the business, insurance, also profits. I doubt most consumers know how much it costs to attend surgical conferences that teach new methods, new safety procedures, new innovations in surgery. This is done at the Doctors own expense, travel costs, visa expenses, conference admissions, materials, hotels and food.  It can cost as much as five thousand dollars to attend a three day conference, sometimes more. How many professionals are willing to do this once a year? How many in this country can even do that once in two years, or even once in five years?? We do it several times a year, every year. That is how we can offer the techniques, technology and superior service that we do.

There is a certain cost associated with running a clinic, nurses, equipment, medications, all that is essential to ensure that every procedure is carried out in a safe, and predictive manner.

If you do not charge enough to pay for this, how can it be done?

They do not teach you how to do Liposuction, or Breast Implants, or Rhinoplasty in Medical School. These skills are learned in workshops, internships, extra courses, and working along with other experienced professionals. Then an additional certificate in Plastic Surgery is necessary to do these procedures without the supervision of another. Ask these questions, who is the qualified, certified Plastic Surgeon?

I will say it again for those of you who just do not get it.

If you are unable to afford the surgery that you are interested in having done, understand the risks involved in shopping for a cheaper surgeon. It is better advised to wait until you have more money, rather than to put your life in risk.

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David Alessi said…
Nice information thanks for sharing.
David Alessi said…
Nice information thanks for sharing.