Clinic Arroyo Goldstein and Dra Giuliana Arroyo opens new office in Lima North

Clinic Arroyo-Goldstein has opened a new location in Lima Norte

Now everyone in Lima Norte has access to some of the newest procedures in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Clinic Arroyo-Goldstein is driven by Dra. Giuliana Arroyo-Goldstein. Let’s explore for a moment just who is the force behind this.
Dra. Arroyo-Goldstein is one part of the Arroyo Dynasty of medicine in Peru. The daughter of Dr Ivan Arroyo Tovar, most of her six brothers and sisters are doctors, as well as aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, and even one of her grandparents were also. Coming from, and living amongst a large family of doctors, she had two generations of medical professionals to seek advice from, which she did often, and that led her down a similar path. Knowing she had big shoes to fill, she was up to the challenge.
In the years since she has become a doctor, she has spent much time travelling the world to attend seminars and conferences regarding esthetic medicine. After spending some years living in the United States, she devoted most of her time attending, as well as speaking at medical esthetic conferences.
You probably have seen her on different television programs, read about her in many different magazines and newspapers, or even listened to her on many local radio stations.
Dra Arroyo-Goldstein became highly interested in facial improvement procedures after attending conferences in Barcelona, Spain, and Florence Italy. It was there that she saw the power of combining traditionally known medicine with the newest innovative techniques. Much was being focused on “minimally invasive procedures”. The key point of these procedures is security and safety of the patient, by using local anesthesia. The other benefit of minimally invasive procedures is, no down time, meaning you can literally have a “lunchtime” treatment, and return to work.
Quickness is not the goal here, it is maintaining patient safety, and giving results that will ensure customer satisfaction beyond their expectations. Clinic Arroyo-Goldstein excels in that area and has many customers that can attest to that.
Dra Arroyo-Goldstein returned to her roots in Peru in order to bring a high standard to esthetic medicine in her country. She also followed an old set of footprints back to Los Olivos, a set that was laid down by her grandmother, Lucilla Tovar. Dra Tovar was an Ob/Gyn who set up her practice in Los Olivos in the 1940’s.
A no fee initial consultation will inform you of the best options available. Some of the services available are: Bioplastia, Thread Lifts, laser skin treatments, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation including implants and reductions, implants of the gluteus, gynecomastia, liposuction, liposculpture, chemical peelings, treatment of varicose veins,
One of the most innovative procedures being done at Clinic Arroyo-Goldstein is in the area of bioplastia. Bioplastia with Kosmogel. Kosmogel is a product from Switzerland which is used as a free formed injectible filler. The main focal points of using this particular product are very unique. First is the fact that it is completely removable. Kosmogel’s results will last a lifetime, not a few months. This product is self encapsulating in about 30 days, which means that it will not migrate to any areas other than where it is injected. This fact also is what allows the doctor to become the artist. Filling and shaping only the areas that require changes allows transformations that could not be accomplished with any other product. From small pits and depressions in the skin, to facial deformities either congestive or resulting from an accident, correction is now possible. With traditional implants, they are preformed, and inserted, which means that only certain shapes and sizes are available. We can try to explain all that can be done in this area, but it will take up the rest of this publication, so it is probably better for you to visit the clinic and see what’s in store for you.
Liposuction is accomplished in complete safety and security for the patient by using local anesthesia, and doing the surgery in sessions. Our lipo-laser surgeries also use the most innovative techniques, which mean less swelling and bruising faster recovery, and better results. Please feel free to visit our website to view more information and articles, before and after pictures, and then schedule an appointment to speak with us.
Clinic Arroyo-Goldstein is looking forward to working with all of the people of Lima North.