Breast Implants Dra Giuliana Arroyo Goldstein Lima Peru

Natural desire to have a nice figure and look good to others make women whose breast do not fulfill their aesthetic ideal feel uncomfortable. Augmentation mammaplasty is a surgical technique which increases the volume and improves the shape of the breast, helping you to feel better with yourself. Usually, women who go under this surgery ar those who are unsatisfied because their breast have not grown as much as they expected. Mammaplasty is also advised for women who want to equalize their breasts since one is bigger that the other, or for women who want to increase their breast volume which they might have lost after pregnancy, after loosing weight or because of aging. This kind of surgery gives specific solutions for each case.
At Clinic Arroyo Goldstein, this procedure is ambulatory, it is done with local anesthesia and the patient does not need to be hospitalized.