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Why do I want to have breast implants?

It is important to be clear about your reasons for having breast implants. Women may seek breast enlargement because they:
have a congenital (naturally occurring) absence or deformity of one or both breasts;
have had a mastectomy and may consider an implant as part of a breast reconstruction or rebuilding process;
wish to regain breast shape or size, for example, after having children;
wish to correct uneven breasts (i.e. the term “asymmetrical” breasts refers to breasts of different shapes and sizes);
are generally dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts.
Breast implants can bring psychological benefits for women who may feel that their breasts are unwomanly and inadequate.

They can help restore lost self-esteem and improve the quality of life. However, you should think carefully about your reasons for having implants and be sure that breast implants are the best solution to your particular anxiety or dissatisfaction.

Your surgeon will wish to explore with you the psychological aspects of having breast implants, as well as the physical details of the operation.

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