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Advantages of Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Cohesive silicone-gel breast implants have distinct advantages over other types of breast implants. Because gummy bear breast implants are made of silicone, they have a consistency that is much closer to breast tissue than saline breast implants. Silicone-gel implants also exhibit “shape memory," meaning that they return to their original form, lessening the chance that the shell will fold or ripple.

Folding and rippling are the primary causes of implant rupture. Of the silicone types of breast implants, cohesive-gel implants may be the safest because if the outer shell were to rupture, the silicone would not spill out, but rather retain its shape and integrity. Furthermore, maintenance of breast implant shape is better with cohesive silicone-gel implants because they are stable.
The gel does not migrate with body movement as it can with saline or traditional silicone implants. It maintains proportion and distribution for controlled, stable support and shape.
In addition, capsular contracture, or the compression of scar tissue that is a potential complication of breast implants, reportedly occurs less often with cohesive silicone-gel breast implants than with other types of breast implants

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