Non invasive facial procedures, Clinica Arroyo Goldstein Lima Peru

Thanks to the newest techniques taught in Europe and Asia, we are now able to offer these procedures here in Peru. The main advantage of using threads, our patients can avoid enduring the risks of surgery, trauma and high costs:

– No Scars.
– Performed under local anesthesia.
– Speedy recovery time.
– Non-Invasive.
– Long Term Lasting.
– Highly Effective.
– Technique uses FDA approved
NON-Absorbable Threads.
– May be used simultaneously in conjunction with other treatments such as Facial implants, fillers and Botox.
– Procedure may be completed with in 30 minutes without sedation, in one to two sessions depending on patient.
– threads are made out of polypropylene, which is a suture people have been using successfully for over 30 years.
– EYEBROW LIFT, Lift drooping eyes.
– Erase the expression lines around mouth .
– Lift sagging neck and chin.
– Correct previous surgeries.
– Lift and Refine Nose Tip.
– May also be used to tighten loose Arms and breasts .

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