Lipocavitacion, UltraShape, Ultracavitacion Lima Peru Clinica Arroyo Goldstein

Lipocavitacion, also known by the name of liposuction without surgery or Ultracavitation, also referred to as UltraShape,is a new non-invasive body treatment which, remains the best alternative to liposuction, generating similar results in different ways and gradually, without pain or surgery.

After the first session of Lipocavitacion you will notice results due to the dramatic decline in excess localized fat and flaccidity.

The Lipocavitacion involves using high frequency ultrasound to cause a generation of micro bubbles between the adipocytes, in order that they implode and thereby breaking the walls of the adipose tissue or fatty tissue, a process known as cavitation.
After this process, this tissue becomes liquid, which will be swiftly removed by the body via the lymphatic system.
To facilitate much more the elimination of these substances, Lipocavitación is complemented by lymphatic drainage.

The Lipocavitación is a professional procedure focused on the area that the patient really wants to reduce or improve. Those extra pounds or uncomfortable appearances of the body that are not easy to repair or with exercise, or diet, will be reshaped, and renewed.

Lipocavitación while reducing fat, helps removes cellulite. It stimulates the elasticity and tone of the skin.

Each session of Lipocavitación at Clinica Arroyo Goldstein takes 20 to 25 minutes, then an additional session of lymphatic drainage may take another 20 minutes.

Our Lipocavitacion program, also includes radio frequency, skin toning, cellulite treatment, and Vacuumtherapy. This is the most comprehensive program intended to achieve the best results for our patients as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of the Lipocavitación is that is painless, comfortable and safe

Localized fat, flabby fat, hard fat, fibrosis, "stiff" areasformerly treated by liposuction can be removed and treated with Lipocavitación.

The results can be enhanced by complementing the program with healthy eating and exercise. In our clinic we can provide a list of foods that we recommend not be consumed during treatment for best results.

Try Lipocavitacion, get the body you always wanted without surgery!

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