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Everybody has certain areas of the body that do not look the way we want them to look. Some of these areas may be improved with healthy diet and exercise, but many of these areas will not be improved even if we put enough effort. Even people with normal or lower than needed weight have small areas of their bodies where fat accumulates and these fatty areas are resistant to persistent exercise and healthy eating. What should we do if we want to improve these imperfect body sites?

Mini liposuction is the answer. A mini lipo procedure is a less complicated and shorter modification of usual liposuction . This procedure is performed on only one or two spots of the body on patients, who are close to their normal weight, in order to give a better, more balanced and proportionate appearance.

The ideal patient for mini liposuction is a person whose weight is normal or close to ideal but who has small or even minimal body areas that the patient himself/herself considers imperfect. The patient should be in a relatively good physical and psychological health conditions, and most important, have realistic expectations.

Areas for mini liposuction

Mini liposuction may be performed on different areas of the body, where spots of excess fat appear to be. Usually these parts include sites around the upper part of the chest close to the armpit, sides of the hips, small of the back, lower abdomen, under the chin, upper arms, and other areas. These areas are usually resistant to exercise and diet, are very minimal but very bothering to the patient.

If you have fatty areas of the body that bother you and are stubborn to exercise, you might want to consider having the mini-lipo procedure. During your consultation in our clinic, We will evaluate the areas that bother you and will make our recommendations.

Mini lipo

Mini liposuction is a smaller procedure than normal liposuction. During this procedure local anesthesia will be used, resulting in fewer risks and complications. This procedure takes approximately one hour, during which the patient is totally awake. The amount of fat removed is less than 2.5 pounds from one area. Furthermore, smaller instruments are used during mini-lipo compared to normal liposuction.

The combination of all these factors results in less pain, less time needed, fewer complications and smaller expenses for the patient. It also does not require such a long recovery period. Most patients are able to resume their daily activities and return back to work the next day or even on the same day after this type of procedure.

Even though mini liposuction is a minimal plastic surgery procedure, its effects are dramatic. If you have realistic expectations about the procedure, you will be satisfied and delighted when you see the results.
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