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Why do women have tummy tuck surgery?
Many women decide to have tummy tuck surgery, also called an abdominoplasty, after having lost weight or having had children, or just because aging has left them with a sagging abdomen or a belly that protrudes.

A tummy tuck is a common surgical procedure, but it is serious, and you should be aware of all the risks involved before having one. If your belly protrudes a bit, you may not need a tummy tuck. Perhaps abdominal liposuction is all you need, or maybe you can benefit from what is called a mini tummy tuck. There are several surgical techniques for abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck is not a one-size-fits-all type of operation. During your office consultation, the determination on which procedure will be best for you will be discussed with you and the Doctor, not a nurse or technician. Our goal is to answer all of your questions before you decide about a surgical procedure.



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