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Could you imagine having a liposuction procedure done, and walk out a few hours later without the traumatic pain nor the swelling of an ordinary liposuction?

Well, this is the miracle of this brand new technique, the minilipo, which also gives you security and spectacular results.

You are not overweight, but you have some resistant belly fat you cannot get rid of?
Would you like to have a smaller waist or how about getting rid of those awful hips?

Cheer up! Currently the liposuction is no longer traumatic or painful. The liposculpture by sessions is a technique that we have been using for some time with very fine results. Lipo by Sessions consists of having a series of liposuctions instead of a large one.

Isn't it more painful going to the operating room twice?

No, of course not. Having a series of liposuction procedures has many advantages. First of all, since we only touch a specific area, local anesthesia and very thin cannulas are used. Therefore, surgical risks,and post-op discomfort are reduced. The longer the liposuction is, the more the risks are.
In addition, it is an ambulatory procedure, and the recovery is almost immediate.

The same day of the operation you will leave the clinic walking on your own and the next day you will be able to go back to your usual lifestyle.

Since the liposuction takes place in specific areas and very thin cannulas are used, the work is more meticulous. That is why there is little swelling,minimal bruising, and most important, you reduce your body size.


Liz said…
That is totally me, I am not fat I just can't get rid off the extra fat on some areas of my body. I just need to find out how much this will cost me $$$. I will be in Lima in 2 days, I can't wait. I would like to make an appointment please!