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Natural desire to have a nice figure and look good to others make women whose breast do not fulfill their aesthetic ideal feel uncomfortable. Augmentation mammaplasty is a surgical technique which increases the volume and improves the shape of the breast, helping you to feel better with yourself. Usually, women who go under this surgery ar those who are unsatisfied because their breast have not grown as much as they expected. Mammaplasty is also advised for women who want to equalize their breasts since one is bigger that the other, or for women who want to increase their breast volume which they might have lost after pregnancy, after loosing weight or because of aging. This kind of surgery gives specific solutions for each case.

At Clinic Arroyo Goldstein, this procedure is ambulatory, it is done with local anesthesia and the patient does not need to be hospitalized.

As in any surgery, it is absolutely neccesary to take a previous medical examination to detect any possible anomaly that might contraindicate the surgery. Enlarging of the breasts via implants is a thorough technique, therefore it is neccesary a correct evaluation of each particular case to accomplish the patient’s expectation. Among other factors, we analize the volume, the projection, physical constitution and skin type.
From this primary evaluation, we determine the type of implant and the volume that best fits your expectations. It is usual to advise the use of implants whose size harmonize with the natural size of the breasts and which fill them normally.

In order to choose the size of the implants in an accurate way and to establish their ideal dimensions, length, height and desired projection are measured. If you are under regular medication, we will tell you the steps you should follow.
After surgery, you will wear a compressible bandage that will be removed the day after –as well as the drains- and will be changed for a special bra that will keep the implants in the desired place to avoid as much as possible the apparition of hematomas and liquid collections. Suture stitches will be removed seven days later.
A week after surgery, we advise to have soft massages, especially lymphatic massages. The surgeon will explain to you how to make them and their intensity. You must remember that healing depends on many individual factors and on the skin type. In order to evaluate the evolution, you will have to wait several months. The surgeon will indicate the most proper cares for each case.

During the first month, it is convenient not to sleep face down and you will also have to wear non-ring bras, like sport bras. For the first two to three weeks, we advise you to sleep wearing the bra. You will feel better wearing it and the discomfort from the swelling will also reduce. After this period, regular brassiers can be worn again, even ring bras.

The aesthetic result of breast augmentation is excellent given that with previous examination it is possible to predict the volume that the breasts will have after the surgery. Once healing process and reduction of swelling are finished, the breasts will look firm and with natural consistency.
If you want to have a better idea of how the results will be like, you can take a look at our case file, always anonymous, with pictures of the before and after of patients with similar caractheristics. However, we will review your specific case, will clear your doubts and give you further explanation regarding the possibilities and limitations of this surgery.


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