Which is more important is the Cost of Liposuction or the Quality of Liposuction?

The cost of Liposuction is an important factor when considering liposuction surgery. However the quality of liposuction is more important than the liposuction cost. If the ultimate goal of liposuction is to have a happy patient, then the surgeon's expertise and experience should be more important than the liposuction surgery price. Liposuction prices are important, but that itself should not be the most important factor when considering surgery. Lowest Liposuction Price Can Be Most Expensive Choosing a liposuction surgeon based on the lowest price can end up being the most expensive choice, if the "cheap" cosmetic results are so bad, then another surgeon must be paid to repair the work of the first liposuction surgeon. We have seen our share of patients wanting us to correct the after effects of cheap procedures, sometimes it still is not possible to correct past mistakes. I always find it amazing, that a patient who was not happy with the results from another doctor, now wants to negotiate our prices based on how much(or how little) they paid someone else, or that we should be willing to accept a discount because of what they paid already. Do your homework, check photos, talk to your potential surgeon, make sure that you are comfortable, know your expectations, and keep them realistic. Do your due diligence here as well. There is alot of information available, use it. Among the most common undesirable outcomes of liposuction are 1) incomplete liposuction with little evidence that the liposuction procedure was actually done, 2) excessive liposuction producing an unnatural or disfigured appearance,and a distinct health risk to the patient 3) irregular and uneven results with unsightly depressions in the skin,a "lumpy or wavy" appearance and 4) large scars that reveal that the patient has had liposuction. Factors That Determine Liposuction Cost Factors that can determine the cost of liposuction include, The size of the patient, amount of time and effort required of the surgeon,cost of anesthesiologist's services, operating room fees, preoperative laboratory fees, Post op follow up extras, such as compression garments, post op physical therapy, etc. To find out more information regarding which procedure is right for you, call or write for more information, and schedule your consultation.} www.clinicasarroyoperu.com


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