Brazilian Butt Lift, Lima Peru Fat Grafting Buttocks Implant Lima Peru

Do you wish you had a fuller, rounder bottom? Do you fantasize about having an hourglass figure? Do you feel that your butt is too small, too flat or not in proportion with your body?
Thanks go to Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez, for they are the ones responsible for this.  Some women have this look and proportion naturally, while others opt for surgical procedures that will change them quickly
There are several options for you that will allow you to achieve your wishes. Let’s take a minute to identify the different procedures.
1 Gluteal Implant
2 Fat Transfer from Lipo, Aka Brazilian Butt Lift
3 Injectible Fillers

Which of these methods are more desirable? Which of these procedures will give me the best results? Which is safest?
Glutelal Implants, are made of solid silicone, unlike silicone Breast Implants which are made from silicone gel.  This surgical procedure is usually done under general anesthesia, where incisions are made, and the implants are inserted. We do not offer this type of surgery, as it poses certain risks to the patient, and the results are not as natural as our method of Brazilian Butt lift.
Injectable fillers for Butt Implants are not advised, as there are currently no safe products available for this. There are safe injectables for facial filling, just not for the gluteus.
Clinica Arroyo Goldstein is known worldwide for our safety in surgical procedures. The Butt Lift is no exception. There is only one safe way of doing this, and we have been offering this body shaping process to patients that come to us from four continents.  Our method is using the patient’s own fat which is removed by a carefully planned liposuction procedure, which will maintain the fat in such a state that it can be implanted in other areas in order to form a more perfect contour.  A persons own fat is much safer than using any foreign materials, as there is only a very small chance of rejection.
Liposuction will performed in areas such as the hip, waist, lower back and thigh, essentially taking away from one side and adding to another.  This procedure is accomplished using local anesthesia, so that there is almost no risk to the patient, and the results are outstanding. Immediately after the procedure and for the first two weeks there will be some swelling, which will reduce.  At approximately three months after the procedure, the remaining volume will be permanent.  We will advise you after the procedure on how best to insure the maximum finished results
  What makes us different is experience. This procedure is not just about making your butt bigger, it is about making your body more proportionate, and for that, it takes surgical experience.  

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