Kosmogel, a small price to pay for such big results.

The photo that is shown above is a case of a 14 year old girls who was initially interested in a surgical Rhinoplasty. As you can see in the pre picture, there is quite a curvature in the line of the nose. Unfortunately, there is some distortion in the picture, which makes her cheek appear to be puffed out, in fact it is not. The procedure that was done here, was to use a syringe of Kosmogel to redefine the shape of the nose, and some more was applied on her face near the base of her nose in order to create more balance. The entire procedure was completed in under 15 minutes, and the post procedure picture is shown two days later. Kosmogel, when applied in accordance to strict guidelines, and under the direction of its creator Dr Alain Tenenbaum, of Switzerland is a marvelous product. There is no migration with this product, as it self encapsulates in approximately 30 days, will last a lifetime, and is the only injectible filler that is completely removable. For more information regarding this product, or procedure, please feel free to contact me at the Clinic. Andrew C. Goldstein



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Thanks for sharing. I think if you are thinking about the plastic surgery its very important that the surgeon should be well qualified and experienced.
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Hey there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about plastic surgery in your area. I'm glad to stop by your site and know more about plastic surgery. This is a good read. I will be looking forward to visit your page again and for your other posts as well.
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Surgical plastic surgery procedures include Breast Reconstruction.

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