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What makes one clinic a better choice for liposuction procedures?

Just like anything else we shop for, all consumers are looking for the same thing. The best quality, the best service, and the cheapest price. Consumers always end up sacrificing at least one of these three things in order to get what they are in the market for.  To illustrate this, you know that companies will make a cheaper version of a more expensive product by using low quality materials, that is how it can be made and sold for less money. It is just not possible to get the absolute best, by paying the least amount. We weigh the balance of quality, service and price and usually spend more money for a better product when we know it needs to be durable. We spend less money, and buy something cheap when we think of it as a disposable item.

Now, when we are talking about medical procedures, what makes the price different from one clinic to the next?  First of all, the same procedure for one person is going to be different for another person even at the same clinic. Every person is not made exactly the same, our bodies accumulate fat differently, our shape and size make for other differences, and there are many other factors to consider.

When it comes to shopping for medical treatments, what factors are important?
The facility itself. Is the equipment modern? Is it working properly? Is it properly maintained? How about the Doctors? From education, to experience, to keeping up with new techniques and procedures. In order to stay on top of their profession, Doctors must be active in the Medical Community, and travel for educational seminars, unlike any other profession, and usually at their own expense.

Returning to the main topic, prices at other clinics, how can there be so many variables? We can start with the physical location, equipment, various expenses that in the end will ensure safe patient surgeries. Doctors specialty training, years of experience, nurses and technicians, medicines, surgical supplies. The list goes on and on.

Now, this doesn't mean that if you spend the most, you get the most, but you can see, that cheap doesn't work either. You need to see for yourself how cost and service can be balanced, and obtain good value.

We at Clinic Arroyo Goldstein give you that balance. The best quality and service at a reasonable price.
Not only has the reputation of over 30 years experience, and over 30,000 safe patient surgeries speak for itself, our patients speak for us as well (see patient testimonials below)
Our Staff has been to Conferences in such locations as Paris France, Barcelona Spain, Florence Italy, Miami, Florida USA, Buenos Aires Argentina, and more.

There are many choices that we offer just in the area of Liposuction alone. Laser Lipo, Ultrasonic Lipo,  Vaser Lipo, Smart Lipo, etc.  upon examination, we can determine which will be the best for you.

Come in for a consultation and find out why we are the ONLY option for your procedure.
Find out why patients come to us from all over the world each and every day for Liposuction, Breast Implants, Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tucks, Face Lifts, Anti-Aging treatments, and many other services.



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