Why Do Some Doctors Charge So Much Less Than Others For Liposuction?

 I find myself frequently checking on competitors social media sites and websites, and try to figure out why someone would respond to theirs, over mine. It usually raises more questions than answers, but still I analyze the information, and try to see it as a consumer would.

I see such things on the home page of a website as, a Doctor posing with some celebrities, or other important people in the industry, dated 20 years before, and wonder what has he done lately?  Were these the only moments in the past 20 years that were memorable enough to mention? Most of these are posed at Conferences, where their only accomplishment was waiting for a photo op, never mind going to the Seminars to learn something.

Attending Several World Class Conferences each year, at your own expenses can be costly, but the experience gained is priceless. Do I want someone operating on me, who hasn't received any more training other than medical school?

Investing in ones self is the best money spent in a medical practice. Secondly, up to date equipment, is the next most costly expense, then comes staff. Under-staffing, and using lesser experienced Doctors and technicians are the other ways a practice can offer cheaper surgeries.

On the other hand, does paying more insure that you are getting the best? Not always, unfortunately. Notice I didn't title the article "Why Do Some Doctors Charge More for Liposuction", that is because most are trying to find ways to make things cheaper. That is where a consumer needs to be careful, and try to balance their decision, mostly using common sense. Read, Ask, Check. These few points may make the difference in Life or Death, Really. Another incident a few days ago, in Lince, Peru. Multiple surgeries in one session, in order to save money resulted in a patient death again., This was done by a Plastic Surgeon, but in an unlicensed Clinic, basically a house.

What makes people throw all common sense out the window, and risk their lives to save a little money? You can always get more money, but you cant get more life! There are basic costs that all Clinics and Doctors need to bear. After that, then some profit. Some will try to make more profit on patients who demonstrate a higher ability to pay, while others know that some profit on each patient is a better way to manage your prices.

Go with your gut, go with your feelings, use your head and all of your senses when making a decision. We treat all of our patients as if they are the only ones in the building. We charge a reasonable amount, give all that a patient expects, and provide all the guidance necessary to make the best treatment options. As we say here, spend a week, not a fortune, Come to Peru, and return a new you!!