What to look for When Researching Clinics For Cosmetic Surgery in Peru

Many people have been going to countries other than the USA for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures. Out of all of the possible reasons, two stand out more than the others. They are price, and family vacations. Those who travel to Peru, where I spend most of my time writing, come here because they have family here. Others come due to the lower prices available for all types of medical care. 
Lima, Peru has long been a destination for travelers, due to the close proximity to the USA and ease of travel, minimal hours of flying time,and diverse locations. 
Many medical professionals from all specialties have received some training in the USA, but have chosen to practice in their home Country. This proves that we are not dealing with sub-standard care, just lower overhead, and one of the biggest expenses that add to USA surgeries is malpractice insurance premiums. Not that malpractice is non existent in Peru, just not the standard. That is why care must be taken in the available choices.
You need to use all of your senses, especially common sense when dealing outside of your own country. I have seen many successes, and failures, when proper caution is not used. In this day and age, with all the resources available to us, you must use them. Patient referrals, information available through the internet, your eyes and ears. Use them all. 
I have seen as many horror stories coming from all parts of the USA, as I have in various parts of the world, so it is not just due to lack of attention to detail or lower quality service, just pure negligence and or greed. When I say greed, I mean the greed of some unscrupulous Doctors, who will just operate on any patient, and not take into consideration normal pre surgical protocols.  When you look into these incidents, you will see that many could have been prevented.
I write articles for various medical and travel websites, and have studied many of these unfortunate outcomes, and you will see where a little more thought would have helped.  I can point you to some of those later, but as you should, just GOOGLE your Doctors and Clinics, and look for any info that you may find. 
Just to give you some sage advice, no matter where you go, you need to be aware of the potential risks. 
First, and most common risk that Doctors who operate solely for profits put their patients in, is multiple surgeries at the same time. What I am talking about here is more than one procedure at a time, while using General Anesthesia. There is no reason to do a Liposuction and Breast Implant at the same time, other than to save time and expenses. Both of these can be done safely, separately, under local anesthesia, about a week apart. 
Even a surgery as radical as a Tummy tuck, can be done with Local anesthesia and sedation, General Anesthesia must be avoided at all cost. If you research all forms of Tumescent liposuction, you will see that when it is done using local anesthesia, it is generally risk free. Once you introduce General Anesthesia into the equation, you are increasing the risk tenfold. 
So the theme here is, General Anesthesia is the risk. Skilled, well trained surgeons can do Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Breast Implants, Breast Reduction, Face Lifts, and Tummy Tucks all using only local anesthesia. This should be the only option.
The last, but one of the other very important details, is a thorough patient history taken as part of the pre operatory package.  Do not hide any details from your Doctor. Explain in detail any problems you had in the past, no matter how minor you think it may be. He may ask you if you are taking medication for anything you have been diagnosed with, but do not forget to tell him if you have been diagnosed with something that you are not taking medication for. Not all issues will show up on a lab test, you are the best help with any prior instances you may have suffered. 
Happy patients are the best measure of success, ask for patient referrals, ask questions, use your best judgment when making these kind of decisions. 

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