Can Cosmetic Surgery Really Change Someones Life??

The media, lately has had many articles and various shows regarding plastic surgery. The general theme has been directed towards several figures: the aging Hollywood idol and the would-be Hollywood idol. Cosmetic surgery is de rigueur in the movie and TV business—easy to understand, given how much looks matter on-screen.

But there's more recent research that says looks matter in jobs beyond the Hollywood borders. Various studies have shown that  beautiful people make more money and have more opportunities for advancement. So it's no surprise that plastic surgery is becoming a tool used for career advancement as well. 
"In the corporate world, there's a lot of emphasis on image, and image goes with self-confidence," says Antonio Armani, a Beverly Hills, Calif., cosmetic surgeon. "I think a lot of people do invest money in improving their looks because they feel this is one way they can go up the corporate ladder." When you consider the boost in self esteem and self confidence, this is an area that transcends those borders, and actually can change a persons life in many aspects.

Many prospective patients will bring up the fact that their particular concern is bothering them so much that it affects their daily life. It may be a little extra fat around the waist, too large or too small breasts, a nose that is not symmetric, no matter how big or small a defect, it may have devastating consequences for this person.
 Not just in career matters, but in all aspects of their personal life. It could be preventing them from enjoying a day at the beach, it could be stopping someone from exploring a new relationship,  it may even add to someones state of depression,the list goes on and on.

The decision to commit to a cosmetic surgery procedure may seem like a drastic measure, but it doesn't have to be. There must be a high level of trust with your Doctor. After all, your future is in their hands, really, it is. And for many, this will not be a one time deal. The best Cosmetic procedures, are the ones that are the most subtle, not the most dramatic ones. The ones where people who know you well, will look, and look, and try to figure out what is different about you, but can not quite put their finger on it.

Smaller, less dramatic changes help people adjust to their new changes easier. It is for this reason that you need to feel confident with your Doctor, because it should be a long term relationship, with procedures done as your body changes and ages. If that is what you desire.

You can see many disasters in Plastic Surgery, due to overdoing it. Some Doctors just don't know how to say NO! Just take a minute and Google bad plastic surgery. This is not a result of inexperienced Surgeons, it is the result of not wanting to "insult" the patient by saying no. On a steady basis, we find that patients will ask for too much at once, and we know it will end up badly. In our consultations, we "counsel" our prospective patients on which will give the best results, and think more in the lines of a program of changes, rather than all at once, which is also more dangerous.

All of our procedures are accomplished using local anesthesia, and if need be, combined with sedation for patient comfort. When more radical operations are done, and use General Anesthesia, the patient is at much greater risk of serious complications. Experience will tell the complete story.
We lay claim to over 30,000 safe patient procedures. The biggest reason for this, is the fact that we instill protocols of security that will not allow us to combine surgeries in a single day or session. We will not put a patient under General anesthesia, so we can perform a breast implant and and Liposuction at the same time. Doctors who perform this, and patients who accept this are staring trouble right down the barrel.

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