Healthy Aging Vs Anti Aging, Clinic Arroyo Goldstein Lima Peru

With all of the Antiaging treatments now available, we are being bombarded by ads for new, youthful services, such as PRP, Botox, Surgical Procedures, Creams, Drinks, Pills, and everything else that you can imagine.
Manufacturers hear about a new "discovery" and find a way to put that miracle cure into your body any way that they think is cheap and easy. Does it work?? Who knows, they might, but then again do they tell you how much of the active ingredient will actually enter your bloodstream? Is this going to have any benefit for me?
 Let us start by looking on the surface at some of these claims.

Resveratrol. Fantastic discovery in antiaging treatments. I have been researching this product since I first read an article in Mens Health Magazine in 2007. You can find every type of pill, capsule, topical cream, juice blend, even a wine that has Resveratrol added to it. Resveratrol works by tricking your body into thinking it is taking in less calories. Since there is only one scientifically proven method of "AntiAging", which is calorie restriction, that tells you why this has the potential to be an effective means. However, if you look into the pharmacology of it, you will see that  while 70% of orally administered Resveratrol is absorbed, its oral bioavailability is approximately 0.5%, or not too much. Most effective method??  Liposomal, or Intravenous. Yet countless amounts of products are sold daily based on the claims of resveratrol, so these sales are driven by the listing of this magic ingredient on the label, but it will do absolutely no good.

Moving on to Vitamin C. Same here, everything available with vitamin c because all of the wonderful benefits of this little miracle. Creams, pills, capsules, powders, drinks, but how is it best absorbed in your system?? Liposomal or intravenous. In order for Vitamin C to be the powerhouse anti-oxidant that it is, you need to take high doses of it. If you increase the oral dose of Vitamin C, the actual absorption rate goes down the more you consume. So in these small amounts , not only is it not effective, but pure vitamin c will oxidise in about 15 minutes when exposed to light and air, so again, no real benefits from all of these heavily marketed products.

I am certainly not refuting the claims of all of this science, what I am saying though, is that there are different ways to imporve your health, thereby constituting a true AntiAging regimen.

The list of the "miracle touting" products fills the internet, but let us take a look at some more treatments that may work.
Surgery, Face lifts, effective method of looking younger, but is this really AntiAging? Maybe to some it is, but if you read on to the end of this article you will get my idea.
PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, basically a stem cell injection of your own purified and concentrated plasma that will help rejuvenate your skin, this can work for appearances also.
Botox, injecting a paralyzing agent into the muscles to prevent the skin from wrinkling, again, this is changing appearance, not improving anything from within.

So, what is my point here??

Having been a good student of dietary supplements, and nutritional therapy for the better part of the past ten years, I became intereted in how vitamin therapy can actually change the course of many illnesses and diseases. Now, I am not talking about the vitamins that you can purchase at any drug store or discount chain, but the purest form of any of these great minerals, amino acids and powerhouse vitamins.

It can get a little complicated, but I will save you alot of the boring reading. Many of the Vitamins available can come from different sources and compounds, which will vary the absorption rate, bioavailability, and in the end, the effectiveness. Different processess are needed for some vitamins and minerals to begin circulating in your system, for exaple, some need stomach acids to release, some need others to set off a chain reaction to go to work,
 A simple vitamin such as B-12, comes as four different compounds, the cheapest and most widely available is Cyanocobalamin, which actually contains one molecule of cyanide, which your body must convert and get rid of before it can convert it to a useable product, the cyanide is cleaned by the liver enzymes. the other, more benefecial types cost more, so you will generally not find that in the drug or pharmacy chains.

There are many more properties regarding each particular vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement, but I wish to get to the point at hand here. Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.

Ever since I had seen the quick recovery of patients who had been given different IV Vitamin Therapies, I became very interested in the subject, especially high dose Vitamin C. Imagine, treating without medicine, what a concept. The more I saw, the more I was hooked. I have traveled to various medical conferences to learn as much as I could on this topic, and I have been amazed at what I have witnessed. Last week I attended another conference, in Denver Colorado given by the American Association of Anti Aging Medicine on IV Nutritional Therapy in AntiAging Medicines. The boundaries of treatments are endless.

This has brought us to be able to offer these exciting and innovative treatments in our clinics in Lima, Peru. It is a perfect compliment to all of our minimally invasive surgical procedures. Just to give you an idea of what we now offer, I will begin by telling you that we have several variations of the Myers Cocktail, tailored for an individuals particular health needs.

The Myers Cocktail, which was developed by Dr John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, Maryland over 30 years ago, has been able to help people who suffer from the following problems:
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Respitory Infections, Seasonal Alergies, Migranes, Chronic Sinus Infections, Acute Asthma, Flu Symptoms, and much more. Even healthy people choose to get these treatments because it enhanses their overall well being for variable periods of time, as well as many Athletes to support recovery from training.

So to sum up the theme of the article, healthy aging is the most important first step to antiaging treatments, start with the inside, and the outside will take care of itself.

This is only meant as an introduction to our new services, and you can find out more by writing to us, calling for an appointment, and by following our blogs. Our new website will also contain more information in the near future. Stay well, and come see us when you have the chance.