What comes to mind when you are looking for Groupons for Surgery????

Although there are many options to consider when you are shopping for cosmetic surgery, discount coupons are probably not you best choice. The Clinic's reputation, referrals, medical complaints websites, friends, but discount coupons??? They are fine for restaurants, attractions, even vacations, but if your surgeons best advertisements come from "make a decision now and buy this special promotion that can be used within the next 30 days", I say run, don't walk away. 

 Case in point with my problem concerning these deals. We, at the Clinics Arroyo Family as a group strive to maintain the highest standards in patient care and treatment that has kept us all in business for over 30 years. You can find articles online and in many publications. We have hosted several generations of patients and their families and friends from all over the world because they know what to expect from us. The patriarch of our businesses, Dr Ivan Arroyo Tovar, set the bar high when he created the standards for all cosmetic surgery procedures which was named the Alt-S protocol, that ensures patient safety in all of our surgeries. You can read about that on any of our websites if you would like. 

Now, back to my point. You can find "Groupons from a place called "Arroyo Cirujanos" that offer such ridiculously low prices that they actually scare me. There is one right now that offers a rhinoplasty(nose job) for s/420, which in US dollars, is about $120. I will actually add the link here, so you don't think I made this up Groupon Deal  Now I know the first question, is " Where are you located?" we are in Lima Peru, and even though our prices for many surgeries are somewhat more economical than in the USA, this is a procedure that would average $1500 from any reputable Surgeon here in Lima.  BIG PROBLEM.  WHY? because they think we are the same. We have had customers actually but this offer, and then come to us to redeem it, only to be disappointed when they discover the truth. It doesnt stop there, they also have ones for Liposuction and other procedures. 

If you browse previous entries, you will find some such as What happens when patients look for cheap surgery among others that may shed some light on what is important to consider when lookin for a Surgeon or Clinic. 

Technically, according to Groupon, there is nothing illegal in what they are doing, even though it is done purposely to cause confusion. The company that advertising, is using a name that they registered. Competition in advertising is great for the consumer, but you need to be aware of the pitfalls when you do not do your due diligence and read and research carefully. Maybe even starting with the address on the coupon offer, you can see that they are located in a passage, or an alley, not on a main street or thoroughfare. 

When it comes to shopping, maybe looking for a cheaper detergent is ok, but would you ask your mechanic to install the cheapest breaks he could find?? Same should go for Medical Procedures, use your brain, ask questions, read, visit the Clinic, speak to the Doctor, make sure you are comfortable with the facility, don't just blindly buy a coupon, for the sake of your health and your family.  Lastly, If you can't afford the procedure, then wait and save up for it, don't cut corners to do it immediately.

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