Should I trust Surgical Referral Websites?

Over the past ten years or so, advertising within the world of Cosmetic Surgery has evolved from mostly" patient to patient" referrals, to worldwide internet digital marketing. That's quite a swing in such a short period of time.

That means many different options for every consumer. For some, it can be hours of surfing the internet while thousands of miles away, months in advance in order to plan something for the future. For others, it can be narrowing down the many choices available in their home city for an appointment next Tuesday.

Although both of these types of people have access to the same information, one may have a distinct advantage over the other. While searching for a Doctor or Clinic in your home city, you will recognize streets, neighborhoods, even some names, whether good or bad, and that is somewhat of an advantage.

Think about this situation, which may be more common than you think. You search online for a reputable clinic in a foreign country, and you are redirected to a page like, or, or many others. They appear to be full of great information , you inquire, and they send you information based on your interest, and you then are in communication with their "Recommended" Clinics. Best Choice? Afraid not, just a paid advertiser, not the most reputable.

If you do go ahead and schedule with them, you may be surprised to learn you are not in the hands of the best Doctors, just the ones who paid to be there. If you are searching in an area well known to you, you may recognize an address as kind of sketchy, or in a bad part of town, but when looking for a foreign Clinic or Doctor, those insights are not available to you. That's just one of the pitfalls. More important than that is the Doctor or clinic. In many Countries, it is difficult to find out much about the past history or complaints of a Doctor,and that is what could put your life in danger.

These so-called services do nothing to screen out the bad ones they accept payment from all as equals. Pay and you appear. That is not what I would call a referral service, I would expect some kind of reviews or recommendations.

Speaking from experience, I am writing this article out of frustration in seeing how consumers can easily be manipulated, and not get the information that they are looking for.

Do yourself a favor, check the "organic search" queries on google for the specialty and specialist of your country of choice. When I say organic search, those are the ones that appear below the paid ads of google on your search page. Those are not manipulated. They are there whether good or bad information is available based on the terms you are searching for.

And just to be clear as to who I am and my motives for writing this, I am one of the Clinics on those websites also with the highest customer satisfaction ratings, but since I do not pay to be included in their directory, my Clinic is not displayed.

The point to be made here, is only in the fact that most of the Clinics shown, are far from the best choices, and that can have negative consequences for the consumers who rely on those choices. Use your common sense, there is a multitude of information on the web, take your time, read, write to them, call them and speak to the Doctor, ask questions, and get a feel for them before you spend the money. It will be well worth it.

If you have any questions regarding Cosmetic Surgery in Lima Peru, please feel free to write, or call us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.