Liposuction, Is it worth it?

Browsing through one of the many websites where you can find information regarding liposuction procedures, I noticed that when asked the question" was it worth it" I discovered a resounding 91 percent positive experience. This was based on 1781 responses over a 24 month period. Now this doesn't only take into consideration the price paid, it was more of a satisfaction survey as to if they had to make the same choice, would they do it again. That is a generously high rating given that it is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure.

Numbers that high speak volumes in as far as the amount of effort, time, financial expenditures and general discomforts are concerned. Many people had confided that they were not happy how they looked in a bathing suit, certain clothes, and of course in the bedroom. Many had tried diets, exercise, gadgets, corsets, and compression garments, but never could achieve the level of comfort that was desired. I was pleased to see that many had accomplished what they set out to do, but also more interested in what happened to the other nearly ten percent.

The overwhelming majority of dissatisfied respondents were not satisfied with their choice of Doctors, but still went ahead with the procedure, why would you go ahead?  Why would you allow someone who you are not comfortable with to operate on you? Some actually said that since they had already paid in advance, they had the decision to follow their money, yet others just seemed desperate to get it done, and didn't want to spend any more time pursuing other Clinics or Doctors.

There are many options to be discussed when having these types of medical interventions done, and you need to be completely at ease with your choice of Doctor, and have the confidence that they will help you meet your goals.  If you are bringing in a full body picture of Sofia Vergara, and you currently weigh 160 pounds on a four foot ten inch frame, then yes, you will be disappointed in the results of what can be done.

Price is another factor, some budgets do not allow for everything to be done at once, in that case, you need to work on a plan with your Doctor as to how to do it step by step over time, not just negotiate the cheapest price when you find another Clinic that will do it for less money. In the long run, the cheapest always disappoints, and also can put you in danger, this is a mistake that when made can be irreversible.

At your consultation, spend the time to ask as many questions as you need, see real pictures of patients, find out how much experience they have in the type of surgery you are interested in doing, and make a plan finish with a satisfactory result.

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