Where can I find the most accurate information when researching foreign Clinic

Now that you are interested in having a cosmetic surgery procedure done in a foreign country, where should I be looking for good, accurate, unbiased information.

The best would be a personal or family referral, but absent of that, what now?   Maybe we should start at the basics of Google searches.  Start by entering the search term you are interested and the location you are considering. Such as Liposuction in Lima Peru.  Try not to use a lot of extra wording, and keep it concise and to the point.

Now look at the listings on the page, and see how they are arranged in some different types by sets of paragraphs.  There will be some small lettering saying “ad” in the first few from the top and also on the bottom few.  These results are not necessarily matched to the best answer to your response, but are there because some companies paid for the space.  They added key words and phrases to try and appeal to someone searching those key words.  They may be accurate, they may be in another city or even in another country.  Read them carefully, but look past them and go to what are called the “organic search”answers.   The organic search answers are the ones that best correspond to your query.  They will usually be the best sources to start with.   There is one big “however”associated with this.

I will use my own experiences here as an example.   Within the search terms, and without clicking on each clinic, try and take a look at the links at the bottom of each description.  Most will have a clinic or Doctor’s name within the clickable link, which are easily identified by italics or a different color font.  In the selection available for Liposuction in Lima Peru, you will find links with the term What Clinic . Com. Be careful here.  This is one of the other pitfalls of the organic search.  These are so called patient referral websites, who for a fee redirects customer inquiries to the Clinics that pay for the “privilege”.

I’m only mentioning this referral service in particular because of how they can mislead a potential patient.  This is how it happens.  I am the only clinic in Lima, Peru with six certified reviews from from prior patients, and yet the others have absolutely zero patient reviews. How can that be? Manipulation by paid advertisers.  My clinic has a rating of good 3.5 out of 5 stars. There are two other clinics above me who have 4.4 out of 5 star rated excellent, and another at 5.0 out of 5 stars rated excellent.

I’m not sure what you wold look at first, but if i see three clinics, one good, one excellent, and one outstanding, I wouldn’t go near the “good “one.  But that’s not the case here, I am the good one.  The only one with a safe patient history of almost 40 years.  The others,  virtual unknowns. Simple difference.  They pay for the rating, I don’t.  I prefer to stand by my years of patient referrals, the seal of patient safety that our name stands for, and by also providing informative articles such as this, so that you can make a more intelligent choice.

For more information check us out below, or please call or write to us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions at any time.   Consultations always at no cost.

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